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November 11, 2010 So, due to the last Vampire game being skipped ::cough::Jeremy::cough:: I took my time and updated the Adventure Log today. Hey; at least there was cake. Last weeks game was Game 6, “Why Did the Chicken Cross Dimensions?” (Like my titles?)

I’m going to start posting short recaps on this home page. Yes, a summary of the summary of the games. So! Recap from last week:

-We visited Mysterios and met the strange, tall, Asian man.
-The Asain man entranced Ben/Jeremy with a chicken-related riddle.
-We were introduced to the Watchmaker’s world in his shop’s back room.
-We find out The Watchmaker is a Mage.
-We find coffins from Haiti and boxes of redruM from South Africa meant to go to NYC.
-We fight a fork-tounged man and his croonies.
-A vampire that looks like a werewolf interrupts the fight.
-Ben/Jeremy with his staff gets kidnapped by the fork-tounged man

October 4, 2010 Adventure Log for Game 5 (Sittin on a Dock by the Bay, Makin Crime") was added. Like the title? xD

September 28, 2010 Adventure Log for Game 4 (“Snake Tatoos”) was added. I will probably RE-Update it, once I find the missing page I hand-wrote a log on. x_x

September 17, 2010 Adventure log for Game 3 (“redruM & Mages”) was added, but needs SERIOUS work. If anyone remembers last month’s game, PLLEEeeaassee add stuff.

August 4, 2010 11:30pm Adventure Log for Game 2 (“The Old Watch Maker”) has been added. There are quite a few gaps that may need to be filled. I’ll keep notes next game so ya’ll don’t have to fill in as much. ;) – Tracy

July 14, 2010 4:30pm: Adventure Log for Game 1 (“Pilot”) added. Feel free to tweak anything important I may have missed! – Tracy

Devils of the South

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