Devils of the South


Meeting the Prince

  • A crow delivers an invitation to meet the Prince.
  • The Prince’s home is a large mansion. (Those who passed spot check on the house notice the house seems slanted/a bit off.)
  • The Prince explains the Masquerade
  • The Prince suggests the Old Watch Maker for any further questions.
  • Darrel sets off to find his sire,____ .
  • Darrel encounters a woman who reeks of blood.
  • The woman tries to seduce Darrel; tells him she can give him a good time.
  • An old man chases off the woman with a lit torch.
  • Lillian and Daniel “have coffee” (spitting the coffee back into the cup after sips) at Cafe’ Du Monte.
  • Lillian explains the basics of being a vampire to Daniel.
  • Lillian and Ben visit *Daniel*’s adult video shop.
  • Ben calls a cab and invites Daniel to join him.
  • Ben kills the cab driver. Ben and Daniel both feed on the driver.
  • Ben steals the taxi cab.
  • Lillian, Darrel, and Daniel proceed to look for the watchmaker. They enter into an antiques and artifacts. After making multiple purchases including old ship lanterns for Daniel’s Adult Shop, the trio left the shop to locate the watchmaker’s shop that is suppose to be behind the antiques shop.



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