Devils of the South

redruM & Mages

Game 3

  • Followed the coordinates left by the girl at the bar who flirted with Darrel.
  • The coordinates led to an old Fallout shelter.
  • The girl, dressed in black as if sneaking around, led the group to the door.
  • A secret knock opened the door and made a light appear at the end of the tunnel/hallway. (A successful roll meant a player memorized the knock.)
  • The girl introduces the group to two old Mages (and Bob the drunken frog).
  • The Mages tell the group about a powerful drug that is actually made from Vampire blood. The Drug is a plan to wipe out the Vampire race.
  • Daniel held up the vile the drug dealer from Club Ampersand called “Red Rum”. It was indeed the drug the Mages spoke of.
  • The Mages asked the group to donate some blood to help them in their research.
  • The group heads to lockdown to see if they can find anyone under the influence of the Drug, for research.
  • Darrel goes in to lockdown as the other stay in the waiting room.
  • It is hard to tell who could possibly have taken redruM.
  • Darrel believes a man who sees a tree in the room, and wants to pick from it, is definitely on RedruM.


  • The group encounters a sniper.



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