Devils of the South

Why Did the Chicken Cross Dimentions?

Game 6

  • “Magic Seasonings is the name of the company importing from South Africa.
  • Daniel calls Mike David (Owner of the Metropolitan).
  • Mike only knows that Magic Seasonings has an office in New Orleans.
  • Darrel gets a tip that the police are going to raid a strange shop on Royal Street.
  • The group heads to Mysterio’s.
  • At Mysterio’s, there is a tall, eloquent Asain man.
  • The group asks the man about Ben’s staff. He says he knows nothing about it.
  • Daniel buys an old Spanish coin for $500; The coins were the newest thing the shop had.
  • Darrel and Ben examine some urns that they didn’t notice the last time they visited Mysterio’s.
  • When examining with a flashlight, Darrel hears what sounds like two pieces of glass clinking together, yet there is noting visible at the bottom.
  • The Asain man goes up to Ben; The man looks like a chicken to Ben.
  • The Asain man whispers a riddle to Ben (Later found out to be “If a chicken tells you ‘all chickens are liars,’ is she telling the truth?”).
  • Ben sits impulsively sits down, pondering the riddle.
  • Daniel drags Ben out the shop as the group leaves.
  • The group heads to the Watchmaker.
  • The Watchmaker asks Ben about his stick; the group explains Ben can’t respond.
  • The Watchmaker jumps out his wheelchair, grabs Ben, and carries him to the back. The group follows.
  • A geared door glows red. The watchmaker pulls a lever, the the door glows green.
  • Everyone walks into what looks like another part of the Watchmaker’s shop.
  • The Watchmaker looks though books muttering about magic. Daniel and Darrel browse the shelves.
  • Lillian notices a window with light coming through. She notices it’s sunlight, but she doesn’t burn.
  • The Watchmaker explains it’s safe to go outside here.
  • Lillian runs outside gleefully.
  • Daniel and Darrel eventually take notice and also go outside.
  • The Watchmaker’s world has rolling hills, flowers, and islands in the sky all around. The land itself is an island in the sky, and the shop looks like a cottage.
  • Darrel brings Lillian back to the shop/cottage (she went to the edge of the land and took a picture.)
  • Ben snaps out of his trance and yells “CHICKENS DON’T TALK!”
  • Ben instantly notices the sunlight and hides under the bed. He then notices his staff isn’t on him anymore; it’s against the wall. Ben lunges to the staff, then uses obfuscate and hides under the bed, tumbling the bed over as he does so.
  • Daniel tries to find Ben.
  • The Watchmaker asks everyone to settle down; he asks everyone to join him outside.
  • The Watchmaker serves the group beef stew; everyone can taste it.
  • After the meal, the Watchmaker asks the group to leave, saying time will still effect the group even when in his world.
  • The Watchmaker explains he is a Mage; just in case no one caught on.
  • When the group leaves, Lillian checks her camera. The picture she took doesn’t exist.
  • The next night,one of Daniel’s girls calls Dan to tell him a creepy man came to his shop and asked for him.
  • Daniel checks his stop’s security camera.
  • The security videos show the man from Mysterio’s.
  • The man looks like he has some kind of symbol on his forehead.
  • The group heads back to the docks.
  • The group finds a coffin.
  • Inside the coffin the group finds plastic tubing hooked up to what looks to be an I.V. bag that contained blood.
  • Ben finds 2 more coffins.
  • The coffins all have tags saying they are from Haiti.
  • Darrel and Daniel find a box of redruM from South Africa that was meant to be shipped to NYC.
  • The lights turn on. A man with a forked tounge come out and tells Ben the group has inconvenienced him, and the group must die. He says “Get them.”
  • The lights turn back off and a fight breaks out.
  • The ground rumbles.
  • Claws rip through the back door.
  • The man with the forked tounge gets away, kidnapping an incapacitated Ben and his staff.
  • The clawed creature kills the rest of the enemies.
  • Darrel and Daniel believed the creature was a werewolf, but his clothes were in tact.
  • The creature turns out to be a vampire.



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