Devils of the South

Snake Tatoos

Game 4

  • Ben finds himself in the middle of a field.
  • Ben walks until he reaches a road.
  • Ben hitches a ride with a redneck/country man
  • The redneck tells Ben they’re right outside Baton Rouge, and that he’s going no further then Norco.
  • Ben eventually kills the man to steal and drive the truck back to New Orleans. He finds a strange staff in the back of the truck.
  • Lillian gets a call from her friend, DJ Kyle Stylez. He asks her to come to the Metropolitan (“Metro”) to watch him perform.
  • Lillian, Darrel, and Daniel all meet at the Metro.
  • They get in the VIP line, but Daniel knows the owner.
  • Daniel asks the bouncer to get the owner, and the owner lets the group in.
  • Meanwhile, Ben meets up with a drug dealer and asks him about redruM.
  • Ben buys 200 or so vials, and drinks one.
  • Nothing happens, except the feeling as if Ben just fed from someone.
  • Ben calls Daniel. He meets up with the rest of the group at the Metro.
  • The group notices *Ben*’s staff, which he brought with him.
  • *Ben*’s vision goes blurry. When his vision become clear again, the others look like human-sized animals.
  • Daniel tells Ben he shouldn’t have tried the redruM; they didn’t know the effects yet.
  • The group decides to go see The Old Watchmaker to inquire about the staff.
  • The Old Watchmaker is not there, yet his fire is still burning.
  • The group goes to see the Mages instead.
  • Darrel does the secret knock.
  • The group walks for hours, going nowhere. They eventually leave.
  • The group, except Lillian, go to a Vampire-friendly motel to stay.
  • The next night, Daniel and Darrel check up on *Darrel*’s house in Kenner.
  • Daniel and Darrel find a wire over the door.
  • Darrel calls a bomb squad, and they come right after he hangs up.
  • The group heads back to the Metro to find people taking redruM.
  • Darrel searches for his sire, but dosen’t find her.
  • Daniel pulls a vampire on redruM out to a secluded area to watch/test the effects.
  • Darrel sees a man who looks out of place in the club.
  • The mysterious man shoots at Darrel.
  • Darrel runs out to the secluded area Lillian and Daniel are at.
  • The group battles the mysterious man and two others.
  • The group wins, and drinks to regain the blood they burned during the fight.
  • Daniel gains powers from the vampire he drinks from.



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