Devils of the South

Sittin on a Dock by the Bay, Makin Crime

Game 5

April 10th

  • Lillian and Ben each decide they should get a job.
  • Ben joins “Book em and Hook em”, who specialize in bounty hunting specifically prostitutes.
  • Darrel hires Lillian as his secretary.
  • Darrel, Lillian, and Daniel meet at the docks.
  • Daniel converses with a cargo warehouse worker, but only find out the boxes have been larger then the norm.
  • The three find the warden.
  • Darrel and Daniel each try to get information out of the warden.
  • All they can find out is that the warden has the manifests.
  • Daniel uses awe to try to make the warden friendly and tell more; it backfires, and instead Lillian wants to be friendly with Daniel.
  • The warden says he has three more hours of paperwork, so the three wait outside the warehouse.
  • While the others wait, Ben obfuscates and makes his way to the wardens office.
  • Ben tells the warden the FBI is there and needs the manifests.
  • The warden rushes out, and Ben sneaks into the office.
  • Ben steals the file cabinet drawers.
  • Ben calls Daniel and says he has the manifests.
  • Daniel awes some hoodrats, saying his wife has been tied up by the workers, and being tortured.
  • Gunfire breaks out between the hoodrats and the warehouse workers.
  • Ben obfuscates and meets the others outside.
  • The group goes to *Daniel*’s condo to look through the manifests.
  • They find two strange things: A frequent shipment of spices from South Africa, and a frequent shipment of modern art from Haiti.
  • The group goes to the hospital, in plans to use the lab to study the redruM.
  • Daniel, using awe, convinces the lab techs to study the rudruM.
  • They find out the drug is a mix of human blood and various drugs.
  • The group decides to see the Watchmaker next…



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