Ben "Benji" London

Orphaned by the Sabbat, adopted by the Camarilla, Ben is the ultimate experiment in "nature vs nurture"


Ben London is, to be frank, a bastard. Born in Tampa Bay, Florida, he lived an average, quiet life. Until he was accepted to the University of South Florida…

As a freshmen, he linked up with the national gang Friends Stand United and was quickly introduced to the Kindred. Claimed and ghouled by a Sabbat warpack, violence became the norm for young Ben. He was still allowed to attend classes (all paid in full), but only to keep him in good academic standing for Pack use of computer labs and facilities. Years went by, and all seemed well.

After graduation, the Pack saw no further use for their ghoul toy.

So they decided to embrace him.

Fortunately, or perhaps UNfortunately, a Camarilla patrol swept the park they had chosen as the site of their ritual. Bullets and blades flew, tearing vampires and Sabbat ghouls apart as the Camarilla coterie waded in. Knowing they were on the “dirty end of the dildo”, a wounded Sabbat Packmember drained him for his blood, and Embraced him as a meat shield.

The first thing he did as a Vampire was consume the blood of his sire, draining his remaining blood. Next thing was fall to a Camarilla stake.

Head covered in a black hood and tossed into the trunk of an SUV, he was driven out of the park to a nearby hotel until the next night. Transported from hotel to truck several times, he lost track of where he actually was until the shroud was removed and he sat, looking out of the window of a black Suburban at the New Orleans Superdome, headed out to meet the Prince…


Heh, this whole New Orleans thing is pretty fucked up, if you ask me. Nobody asked me if I wanted to come to this filthy hell-hole. I mean, think about it. You’re chillin’ in the park, minding your own FUCKING business, becoming a vampire and all, and BAM! Outta nowhere, I fucking mean NOWHERE, there are a half dozen other vamps fuckin’ up your friends. THEEEEEEEEEN they go and drive a stake through your heart, bag you like V for Vendetta and drive you cross country telling you they “saved you from savages”. Pssh.

The good news is that I made new friends here. A group of younger Cainiites here have taken a liking to me, and taught me a little of what they know. Disciplines and all, local history, the whole shebang. Ha, they still make fun of me for my “Sabbat accent.” Apparently I still talk like a Vato.

I understand all they’ve done for me now, and that there’s a war. This war is bullshit. Camarilla, Sabbat, fuck it. Why can’t we all just FUCK the rules and live as normally as possible? Heh, the older vamps say that’s my idealism coming out. Fuck them. To them I’m ‘Caitiff’. Just another bastard. I don’t want ANY part of this war, especially now that I’ve come to learn the Sabbat ghouled my little brother to take my place. And that a Malkavian is supposed to Sire him.

I’m going to try to get him outta the city, and maybe we can get the fuck outta here. I hear California is nice…

Ben "Benji" London

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