Darrel Alexson

Make the best of what you have


As a young boy, Darrel was feared being that next person that was going to be in the news because of some random act of violence that occurred in the 8th ward of New Orleans. The NOPD didn’t help to deter the violent activities as well. So as the years ran on by, Darrel finally had enough of the stuff that went on around there and decided to finally do something about it. Joining the NOPD didn’t fit for what he had in mind, so he did the next best thing and that was to become a bounty hunter.

He began to look up locations for where he can apply for this position and possibly a company that was well established as well so he could learn from some experienced people. After a few days of searching the web, he found an agency that both trained and employed. That same day he down to the location and signed up. The training was long, tiring, and hard, but the knowledge that was handed down to him gave him the tools that would be necessary for his survival. After the long months of training he took to going after bounty after bounty. Eventually he became the go to guy for when you needed someone behind bars, or found. He eventually made enough to start his own bounty hunter business called Unsung Officers.

One night, when Darrel was closing up, a woman came to him dressed in business attire at his establishment. She introduced herself as Anna. She was looking for a man that owes on some past due payments. She handed him the information and spot where he frequently visits. Darrel took the bounty and decided to stake the place out the next night. The faithful night comes, and he is staking the place out. A few hours go by and he grows restless, and steps out of the car. He took one step, and he went down like a sack of potatoes. The last he remembers was Anna picking him up and what it seems that some of here teeth was getting longer.


One moment I am on a bounty hunt and now I am trusted into something that I read as a child. Well it isn’t all bad. I am stronger than I once was, and from what Anna has told me there are other things that I can do as well. For now I will go along with Anna. She says that we are to meet this “Prince” person. I can’t help but laugh when I hear “Prince” this day in age. Oh well, I am a now vampire from what Anna told me so I might as well go with the program.

Darrel Alexson

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