Vinculus is the current Prince of New Orleans


Vinculus’s particular attributes are unknown. He seems to possess some sort of magic that allows him to hide in plain site, or at least in the shadows. He is also able, possibly by the same power, to move without making noise.


Vinculus is the current Prince of New Orleans. Not much is known about him, aside from what you have learned from meeting him. You know one of the places he has as a Haven, or at least uses to conduct business, is in a large mansion in the Garden District, on St. Charles and Sixth called “Busillis”.

The Prince himself appears to be of European decent, with strong facial features and dark hair on his head and face. He carries himself with the utmost composure, like a business man at the top of his empire. He dresses the part as well, wearing a suit so sharp you could cut yourself looking at it. His manner comes off at first as very business-like, but after a while of talking to him, one gets the feeling that he is laughing at you behind your back.

Vinculus does not seem to know much about the history of New Orleans, or, does not want to tell you much. He seems to have more concerns at the moment that are more pressing. The one bit of information that he gave you was concerning a person called “The Old Watchmaker.” He pointed you in this direction when questioned about the history of the City.


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