Devils of the South

Why Did the Chicken Cross Dimentions?
Game 6
  • “Magic Seasonings is the name of the company importing from South Africa.
  • Daniel calls Mike David (Owner of the Metropolitan).
  • Mike only knows that Magic Seasonings has an office in New Orleans.
  • Darrel gets a tip that the police are going to raid a strange shop on Royal Street.
  • The group heads to Mysterio’s.
  • At Mysterio’s, there is a tall, eloquent Asain man.
  • The group asks the man about Ben’s staff. He says he knows nothing about it.
  • Daniel buys an old Spanish coin for $500; The coins were the newest thing the shop had.
  • Darrel and Ben examine some urns that they didn’t notice the last time they visited Mysterio’s.
  • When examining with a flashlight, Darrel hears what sounds like two pieces of glass clinking together, yet there is noting visible at the bottom.
  • The Asain man goes up to Ben; The man looks like a chicken to Ben.
  • The Asain man whispers a riddle to Ben (Later found out to be “If a chicken tells you ‘all chickens are liars,’ is she telling the truth?”).
  • Ben sits impulsively sits down, pondering the riddle.
  • Daniel drags Ben out the shop as the group leaves.
  • The group heads to the Watchmaker.
  • The Watchmaker asks Ben about his stick; the group explains Ben can’t respond.
  • The Watchmaker jumps out his wheelchair, grabs Ben, and carries him to the back. The group follows.
  • A geared door glows red. The watchmaker pulls a lever, the the door glows green.
  • Everyone walks into what looks like another part of the Watchmaker’s shop.
  • The Watchmaker looks though books muttering about magic. Daniel and Darrel browse the shelves.
  • Lillian notices a window with light coming through. She notices it’s sunlight, but she doesn’t burn.
  • The Watchmaker explains it’s safe to go outside here.
  • Lillian runs outside gleefully.
  • Daniel and Darrel eventually take notice and also go outside.
  • The Watchmaker’s world has rolling hills, flowers, and islands in the sky all around. The land itself is an island in the sky, and the shop looks like a cottage.
  • Darrel brings Lillian back to the shop/cottage (she went to the edge of the land and took a picture.)
  • Ben snaps out of his trance and yells “CHICKENS DON’T TALK!”
  • Ben instantly notices the sunlight and hides under the bed. He then notices his staff isn’t on him anymore; it’s against the wall. Ben lunges to the staff, then uses obfuscate and hides under the bed, tumbling the bed over as he does so.
  • Daniel tries to find Ben.
  • The Watchmaker asks everyone to settle down; he asks everyone to join him outside.
  • The Watchmaker serves the group beef stew; everyone can taste it.
  • After the meal, the Watchmaker asks the group to leave, saying time will still effect the group even when in his world.
  • The Watchmaker explains he is a Mage; just in case no one caught on.
  • When the group leaves, Lillian checks her camera. The picture she took doesn’t exist.
  • The next night,one of Daniel’s girls calls Dan to tell him a creepy man came to his shop and asked for him.
  • Daniel checks his stop’s security camera.
  • The security videos show the man from Mysterio’s.
  • The man looks like he has some kind of symbol on his forehead.
  • The group heads back to the docks.
  • The group finds a coffin.
  • Inside the coffin the group finds plastic tubing hooked up to what looks to be an I.V. bag that contained blood.
  • Ben finds 2 more coffins.
  • The coffins all have tags saying they are from Haiti.
  • Darrel and Daniel find a box of redruM from South Africa that was meant to be shipped to NYC.
  • The lights turn on. A man with a forked tounge come out and tells Ben the group has inconvenienced him, and the group must die. He says “Get them.”
  • The lights turn back off and a fight breaks out.
  • The ground rumbles.
  • Claws rip through the back door.
  • The man with the forked tounge gets away, kidnapping an incapacitated Ben and his staff.
  • The clawed creature kills the rest of the enemies.
  • Darrel and Daniel believed the creature was a werewolf, but his clothes were in tact.
  • The creature turns out to be a vampire.
Sittin on a Dock by the Bay, Makin Crime
Game 5

April 10th

  • Lillian and Ben each decide they should get a job.
  • Ben joins “Book em and Hook em”, who specialize in bounty hunting specifically prostitutes.
  • Darrel hires Lillian as his secretary.
  • Darrel, Lillian, and Daniel meet at the docks.
  • Daniel converses with a cargo warehouse worker, but only find out the boxes have been larger then the norm.
  • The three find the warden.
  • Darrel and Daniel each try to get information out of the warden.
  • All they can find out is that the warden has the manifests.
  • Daniel uses awe to try to make the warden friendly and tell more; it backfires, and instead Lillian wants to be friendly with Daniel.
  • The warden says he has three more hours of paperwork, so the three wait outside the warehouse.
  • While the others wait, Ben obfuscates and makes his way to the wardens office.
  • Ben tells the warden the FBI is there and needs the manifests.
  • The warden rushes out, and Ben sneaks into the office.
  • Ben steals the file cabinet drawers.
  • Ben calls Daniel and says he has the manifests.
  • Daniel awes some hoodrats, saying his wife has been tied up by the workers, and being tortured.
  • Gunfire breaks out between the hoodrats and the warehouse workers.
  • Ben obfuscates and meets the others outside.
  • The group goes to *Daniel*’s condo to look through the manifests.
  • They find two strange things: A frequent shipment of spices from South Africa, and a frequent shipment of modern art from Haiti.
  • The group goes to the hospital, in plans to use the lab to study the redruM.
  • Daniel, using awe, convinces the lab techs to study the rudruM.
  • They find out the drug is a mix of human blood and various drugs.
  • The group decides to see the Watchmaker next…
Snake Tatoos
Game 4
  • Ben finds himself in the middle of a field.
  • Ben walks until he reaches a road.
  • Ben hitches a ride with a redneck/country man
  • The redneck tells Ben they’re right outside Baton Rouge, and that he’s going no further then Norco.
  • Ben eventually kills the man to steal and drive the truck back to New Orleans. He finds a strange staff in the back of the truck.
  • Lillian gets a call from her friend, DJ Kyle Stylez. He asks her to come to the Metropolitan (“Metro”) to watch him perform.
  • Lillian, Darrel, and Daniel all meet at the Metro.
  • They get in the VIP line, but Daniel knows the owner.
  • Daniel asks the bouncer to get the owner, and the owner lets the group in.
  • Meanwhile, Ben meets up with a drug dealer and asks him about redruM.
  • Ben buys 200 or so vials, and drinks one.
  • Nothing happens, except the feeling as if Ben just fed from someone.
  • Ben calls Daniel. He meets up with the rest of the group at the Metro.
  • The group notices *Ben*’s staff, which he brought with him.
  • *Ben*’s vision goes blurry. When his vision become clear again, the others look like human-sized animals.
  • Daniel tells Ben he shouldn’t have tried the redruM; they didn’t know the effects yet.
  • The group decides to go see The Old Watchmaker to inquire about the staff.
  • The Old Watchmaker is not there, yet his fire is still burning.
  • The group goes to see the Mages instead.
  • Darrel does the secret knock.
  • The group walks for hours, going nowhere. They eventually leave.
  • The group, except Lillian, go to a Vampire-friendly motel to stay.
  • The next night, Daniel and Darrel check up on *Darrel*’s house in Kenner.
  • Daniel and Darrel find a wire over the door.
  • Darrel calls a bomb squad, and they come right after he hangs up.
  • The group heads back to the Metro to find people taking redruM.
  • Darrel searches for his sire, but dosen’t find her.
  • Daniel pulls a vampire on redruM out to a secluded area to watch/test the effects.
  • Darrel sees a man who looks out of place in the club.
  • The mysterious man shoots at Darrel.
  • Darrel runs out to the secluded area Lillian and Daniel are at.
  • The group battles the mysterious man and two others.
  • The group wins, and drinks to regain the blood they burned during the fight.
  • Daniel gains powers from the vampire he drinks from.
redruM & Mages
Game 3
  • Followed the coordinates left by the girl at the bar who flirted with Darrel.
  • The coordinates led to an old Fallout shelter.
  • The girl, dressed in black as if sneaking around, led the group to the door.
  • A secret knock opened the door and made a light appear at the end of the tunnel/hallway. (A successful roll meant a player memorized the knock.)
  • The girl introduces the group to two old Mages (and Bob the drunken frog).
  • The Mages tell the group about a powerful drug that is actually made from Vampire blood. The Drug is a plan to wipe out the Vampire race.
  • Daniel held up the vile the drug dealer from Club Ampersand called “Red Rum”. It was indeed the drug the Mages spoke of.
  • The Mages asked the group to donate some blood to help them in their research.
  • The group heads to lockdown to see if they can find anyone under the influence of the Drug, for research.
  • Darrel goes in to lockdown as the other stay in the waiting room.
  • It is hard to tell who could possibly have taken redruM.
  • Darrel believes a man who sees a tree in the room, and wants to pick from it, is definitely on RedruM.


  • The group encounters a sniper.
The Old Watch Maker
Game 2
  • Daniel, Darrel, and Lillian continue down a dark alley, in search for the watch shop.
  • Lillian communicates with a rat, asking it about the watch shop.
  • The rat leads the group to a building with no door. (The rat seems to walk through the wall)
  • Group members discover the wall in an illusion. (Players had to look though rat hole first.)
  • Group enters the shop. It is full of many various clocks.
  • Group meet the Old Watch Maker.
  • The Watch maker has a docile striped gray cat.
  • The Old Watch Maker does a Tarot reading for Darrel.
  • The whole group decides to go out to a bar; they choose The Dungeon.
  • Daniel places a bet on two pool players; he bets the less skilled one will win.
Meeting the Prince
  • A crow delivers an invitation to meet the Prince.
  • The Prince’s home is a large mansion. (Those who passed spot check on the house notice the house seems slanted/a bit off.)
  • The Prince explains the Masquerade
  • The Prince suggests the Old Watch Maker for any further questions.
  • Darrel sets off to find his sire,____ .
  • Darrel encounters a woman who reeks of blood.
  • The woman tries to seduce Darrel; tells him she can give him a good time.
  • An old man chases off the woman with a lit torch.
  • Lillian and Daniel “have coffee” (spitting the coffee back into the cup after sips) at Cafe’ Du Monte.
  • Lillian explains the basics of being a vampire to Daniel.
  • Lillian and Ben visit *Daniel*’s adult video shop.
  • Ben calls a cab and invites Daniel to join him.
  • Ben kills the cab driver. Ben and Daniel both feed on the driver.
  • Ben steals the taxi cab.
  • Lillian, Darrel, and Daniel proceed to look for the watchmaker. They enter into an antiques and artifacts. After making multiple purchases including old ship lanterns for Daniel’s Adult Shop, the trio left the shop to locate the watchmaker’s shop that is suppose to be behind the antiques shop.

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