Starting Information

From the GM

There are several things to consider when creating your character for this campaign. There are a few things I require, but the rest is up to you. The following is the list of requirements that your character must meet:

  • Your character must be a resident of New Orleans or one of the following surrounding areas: Metairie, Kenner, Algiers, Gretna, Harvey.
  • The highest starting generation your character can be is thirteenth. If your character starts as something lower then you cannot exceed tenth generation.
  • Your character starts as a vampire, but you cannot have been a vampire for more than a year. If you need it to be more than this, consult me.
  • Your character cannot be a member of a Sabbat clan unless you are Anti-Tribu. The players are supposed to be on roughly the same side.
  • Merits and Flaws are limited to seven points as per the core rulebook.

These are really the only hard rules. Use the character creation method in the core rulebook as your guide. In addition to merely creating the character, I would like to know about your character as a person. Write me a background about your character. I want to know what their mortal life was like, a brief summary of their embrace, and what they are doing now. This background to your character should match with both your backgrounds from your character sheet and your Merits and Flaws. This is also the only way I will allow the use of Merits and Flaws. If you choose to use Merits and Flaws then I want the entire character write-up ahead of time so I can approve it. Outlandish configurations will most likely be rejected, unless I choose to use your creation to really screw you over in the game.

So, in summary, get creative and really think about your character for this game. I am going to try and use every detail I can to really make the game interesting, but if you do not give me anything to work with, I cannot do that. Now, if you want your character to be just an average Joe, that is fine. I can create something out of that. If you give me nothing, however, then I am forced to give your character life myself. Not something I wish to do. It is more fun for everyone to create their own.

Once you have completed the process of making your character, in full, please email me the completed backgrounds. Also, go ahead and create a character in your Profile here on Obsidian Portal. I would like to use this website as much as possible so we can give it a shot. This will also allow me to see your actual character stats, as I have been unable to actually find a fillable character sheet that is also savable. This website is where I found the fillable character sheet if you choose to use that as well:

Otherwise, the four page WW sheet would probably serve you well.

Starting Information

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