Devils of the South

The Old Watch Maker

Game 2

  • Daniel, Darrel, and Lillian continue down a dark alley, in search for the watch shop.
  • Lillian communicates with a rat, asking it about the watch shop.
  • The rat leads the group to a building with no door. (The rat seems to walk through the wall)
  • Group members discover the wall in an illusion. (Players had to look though rat hole first.)
  • Group enters the shop. It is full of many various clocks.
  • Group meet the Old Watch Maker.
  • The Watch maker has a docile striped gray cat.
  • The Old Watch Maker does a Tarot reading for Darrel.
  • The whole group decides to go out to a bar; they choose The Dungeon.
  • Daniel places a bet on two pool players; he bets the less skilled one will win.



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