Daniel Reese

Daniel was recently turned into a vampire and has come to realize there is alot more going on than he ever thought.


Daniel Reese was born in a small town just outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. He grew up on the farm knowing two things, farming and how much he hated it. The land he lived on had been passed down from generation to generation and Daniel was next in line. He went to school during the day, worked his chores after he got out of school and studied. When he turned sixteen and his parents let him borrow the car, he more than borrowed the car, he stole it and never looked back. For years he lived on the road and traveled around. Eventually his parents no longer even tried to find him. Eventually he ended up in New Orleans.

New Orleans was the life he desired. He found a place he could rent a room by the week. Daniel found a job working as bouncer at a local strip club, no one even bothered to ask him about his age. He quickly made friends with most of the girls and he picked up extra money providing protection escort for their after hours jobs. Soon Daniel had saved up enough money to open his own business in the quarter. Nightly Dreams was a small hole in the wall adult video/book store. Thanks to his connections however he also had several girls operating out of the store. Daniel had found the life he liked.

After several years of operating the store, Daniel found himself financially free enough to have the fun he came to New Orleans to have. He almost never woke up until nearly nightfall and would spend almost every night in clubs and at parties. This is where he met Sarah. Sarah caught his eye and they shared a few dances and then went back to his place for the remainder of the night. Just before sunrise Sarah left and Daniel slept through the day. When he woke up, he felt weaker than before, but didn’t want to miss another chance with Sarah. He returned to the party and found her again. She was amazed that he had made it back to the party. They danced a little more and once again ended up at his place. Sarah drank once again from Daniel and discovered that she had drank to much and that he would die, rather than risk that she fed him some of her blood and then left.

Daniel never saw her again, but when he woke up the next night, he felt wonderful, stronger. But he was starving. He went to the kitchen to get something to eat, but everything repulsed him, he couldn’t even bring himself to eat, but he was still hungry. He decided to go and see if he could find Sarah again. When he left his apartment he realized that the sun must not have gone completely down because everything was very bright. As he continued to walk down the street and passed through the mass of people his hunger kept growing stronger and he swore he could smell everyone. As he was walking between two buildings his hunger got the best of him, and he grabbed a young woman walking down the street and yanked her into the darkness. He didn’t understand why, but he bit into her neck and started drinking the blood as it flowed from the wound. Soon the hunger subsided and he realized what he had just done, here was this young woman gasping her last breath. He watched as she died. Not knowing what to do, he ran away leaving her body there.

That was two months ago. Daniel now has come to realize that all the vampire stories are real, but some of the things he saw in movies and read in books aren’t true. He can’t turn into a wolf or a bat, but he is stronger and faster. The sun definitely hurts like hell, and takes a long time to heal. He purposefully allowed himself to get mugged and shot, hurt like a mother fucker, but he was able to heal the wounds rather easily. He also discovered that he doesn’t need to drink blood all the time, but if he doesn’t drink it frequently enough then he starts to get a little crazy. He also found out that there are other vampires, real vampires in New Orleans. They refer to themselves by strange names like bruhaha, gangreen, and ventrue. Daniel tried to find out more about being a vampire from a vampire he met, but all he did was cackle madly and claim he was a fish. Daniel has avoided him since then.

Last night Daniel found a letter stuffed under his door saying that Prince wanted to see him. He was a little taken aback by the fact that a singer wanted to see him, but he figured what the hell.


It took me two days to figure out that vampires were real and that I had been turned into one. Now I spend most nights looking for Sarah. At first I did spend a couple of nights in the library. I hated breaking in, but they just didn’t seem to want to keep hours that were useful for vampires. I read book after book all night long looking for information. Most of it referred to legends about Dracula and some Countess, but most of them explained how the legends started and the common belief without knowing the truth. Now I spend each night going to clubs, dives, bars, etc looking for other vampires. I even took that vampire tour, but nothing. Then one night I met this fellow who said he was a bruhaha or something like that.

He spent the night showing me how much more powerful he is than I am. I even watched in horror as he murdered a couple of tourests just for the pleasure of it. I killed one person when I lost control and I am somewhat sickened by it, he does it like it is a game. I danced around where I live each time he asked me, for some reason I didn’t want him to know. The next night I met this gangreen fellow outside a biker club. He was nice, but growled a lot. He told me that there are vampires that have been around for hundreds of years, he had been around for nearly fifty years, yet he only looked like he was in his early thirties. He said that he had to move on, and left.

Two nights later I met my third vampire, she said she was ventrue. I have yet to figure out why they are all called something different. She told me that vampires like to be called kindred and that they have laws that must be obeyed including one called the masquerade. This masquerade keeps us hidden from humans and keeps vamp…er kindred safe. Well I haven’t exactly gone screaming down the street, “Hey look at me I’m a vampire.” I would be locked up faster than Governor Edwards. The ventrue chick was kind of nice, but kept looking down her nose at me and even muttered caitiff once or twice, it felt like I would imagine a black fellow being called spic. Not so sure I liked the word. Well the night after I met the ventrue lady I found a letter stuffed under my door telling me to meet Prince. I wonder is Prince a vampire too, wouldn’t that be dangerous to the masquerade? Oh well him being a vampire would explain a lot about him I suppose. Guess I will go and see him, though I never was a fan.

Daniel Reese

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